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? Development concept: scientific development, safe production, surpassing the present, leading the future

? Market concept: adapt to the market, develop the market, create the market, lead the market

? Brand concept: Reputation is more important than Taishan, integrity builds brand

? Quality concept: Quality is manufactured to a high standard, zero defects, excellence

? Service concept: Move users with sincerity, create value by service, provide one-stop service

? Competitive concept: Survival of the fittest Survival of the fittest Survival of the adult Adult self-competition

? Talent concept: Talent is the most valuable asset of an enterprise Talent is the first capital of enterprise development

? Management concept: scientific management, people-oriented, strict rewards and punishments, harmonious and efficient

? Work style: be honest and trustworthy, truth-seeking, pragmatic, simple and effective

? Entrepreneurial spirit: unity and seeking truth, self-pressurization, pioneering and innovative pursuit of excellence

? Corporate image: excellent employee image, high-quality product image, excellent advertising image, beautiful environmental image

? Corporate mission: to build a stage for employees and create wealth for society

? Enterprise goal: to make products with the same name as Taishan, to create the most competitive enterprise, to establish Taishan brand, to create a century foundation

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